Social Media Marketing: FaceBook Pixel Remarketing 2018

Have you heard of the rule of seven in which people see your name, your company brand, your product or service seven times and then they’re much more likely to buy?


Well, that is really the case, and that rule exists because Social Media Marketers all over the world have noticed that the more people see your product or brand, the more likely they are to convert and buy.


Today I’m going to teach you what re-targeting is and how you can leverage it. When someone first comes to your website, they’re probably not going to buy.


On the high-end, you’re lucky if five out of a hundred people come to your website and actually buy.


Realistically, one to three out of a hundred are going to buy, the rest aren’t.


What retargeting or remarketing … it’s the same word, they’re interchangeable, is is when someone comes to your website, you can

Pixel them.


There’s a few ad companies that do re-targeting and the main ones are Facebook Ads, and the second one is Google Ad Words.


And what they do is they say, hey, when someone comes to your website, you put this pixel, and then when they go all over the web, no matter what site they’re on, we can show them ads related to your company.


In other words, you’re following them around. It’s a friendly way of stalking on the web. I know that sounds bad, but that really is what re-targeting is.


Don’t worry, you’re not collecting sensitive information on your customers.


These ad companies are pretty smart and sophisticated in which they’re protecting people’s privacy,and what you’re doing is you’re following them around and showing them your product or service and trying to get them back to your website to buy.


A great example of this is

I once was looking for a mattress when I bought a new home.

So, I’m frugal, I don’t like wasting money.


I go online, I see Overstock has a offer for a mattress, and I went there and I’m like, “$1,000 for a bed mattress. That’s a lot of money.”

What I ended up doing was I decided not to buy. Sleeping on the ground was good enough for me and I did that for a month or so.


But as I was browsing around the web, like I was reading and other sites, I continually saw ads for

They’re re-targeting me.


What they did was they would show that mattress in the banner ad and they’ll show the price of roughly $1,000.

As I kept browsing round the web, I wouldn’t click on it.


They took that ad and then they reduced the price of the mattress and they dropped off another $100. I notice it.


I was about to click over and buy, but because I’m a frugal person, I was hoping that they would drop it another $100 and then I would buy.


I didn’t, but that’s a concept of re-marketing and it works exceptionally well.


Just to give you idea, let’s say right now I’m spending roughly $200,000 a month on paid advertising for my personal blog, and out of that $200,000 budget, roughly $40,000 of it is going towards re-targeting.


It’s that effective.


Give us a call for a strategic campaign of your business, Contact us now.


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Local SEO for Local Business . How do i optimize my content to be found in my area whether it be your city, your county or maybe even a neighborhood?


This is particularly great information like if you’re a realtor, a dentist, a chiropractor maybe even a coach (Local Business Owner).


You really want to tap into being found on a local level, particularly if you’re a brick and mortar business.


So if you’re a coffee house, restaurant, insurance guy. How do you actually create content that is optimized and is found on a local basis?


Well first of all, you got to create content. Your best content is either blog content or video content on YouTube, because it is owned by Google and will show up in local search.

As well as online reviews in Yelp, Google my business and Facebook.


There are three really hot and I mean these are hot in 2018 keywords that you want to add to your keyword mix, what is called a longtail keyword.

  1. Best (Best SEO Company New York)
  2. Near Me (SEO Company Near Me)
  3. How To (How to get Organic SEO)


If you’re a dentist for ex: you would say “best dentist in New York near me” or “dentist  near me”  or “best Pediatric” “Pharmacy in New York”  in many types of configurations.


So, why? because people are searching on their cell phones and computers to find local businesses.


If you don’t have content that’s optimized within your website, within your video, within your blog posts, even your reviews believe or not like your Yelp reviews as-well.


You want to encourage your customers to use “best”, “near me”, “in New York” for example because I’m in New York.


You want to leverage these keywords within the keyword mix, now the best keywords to go after are what are called longtail keywords.

Longtail Keyword for local SEO

A longtail keyword is something that uses four five six or seven words, these are easier to rank for ex: If someone is looking for a SEO Agency “Best SEO Company in New York”. there’s a lot of people competing for that ,but if I say “Best SEO Company near me” and somebody is typing that,  I optimize my content for those keywords or that specific longtail keyword.


I have a better chance of ranking on page one with that content versus a shorter version of the keyword.


This is great information on how to rank for specific neighborhoods if you’re a realtor for example.


You can optimize your content for specific you know districts or sections within the city like New York is one, New York Has Brooklyn, Long Island, Queens, Manhattan… I can vary these keywords to go after these very small areas with in New York  ,and now ranked more likely with the content.


I’ll tell you the real secret of ranking your content is with video. You have to remember that YouTube videos are owned by Google, so Google loves Google and Google is going to favor your optimized video content to show up in local search instead of your competition.


If you’ve done a good job of not only creating really good content in the video, but also optimizing that content. Yes you can optimize a YouTube video for local search, this is one of the services that I offer, whether consulting or doing it directly myself.


Every week I have leads come in through my YouTube videos, because not only do I create pretty good content but I optimize those YouTube videos for keywords that I’m looking for.


So an example, I had someone reach out to me was it yesterday or two days ago. Left me a comment and one of my youtube videos asking “how do I get a hold of you here’s my email I’m interested in your services.”

This is the type of reaches that I get all the time from my YouTube videos because I’ve done a good job of optimizing it.


Local SEO strategy 2018Having a strategy by writing down what are the keywords that I want to go after. Let’s say my top 40 or 50 words and then I start crafting and creating content around those keywords.


Optimizing that within my blog & within my YouTube videos, you know this is the type of initiative you want to take.


Once you have that now it’s just a matter of beginning. For Example, I’m gonna execute one keyword ,I’m gonna write a blog post, I’m going to distribute that blog post. I’m gonna put some paid advertising behind that blog post, I’m gonna make sure that people in my local area see that blog post, then I can do a video I can re-purpose that blog post into a video or vice versa.


It All begins with strategy. So if you’re looking to build a better presence to be found on a local level, I’m telling you this is a key strategy that you should be leveraging in 2018.


Because people are searching for local businesses and there’s certain ways that they’re doing that and if you can tap into that through your content that’s optimized, believe me you’re gonna have more phone calls and more customers.


Our Local SEO ranking strategy goes in really deep and this is just the start for someone to get a hang around it. For further steps and faster strategy contact us for a free strategic proposal. We have a standard long(full) process to Ranking #1 on Local search results.


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   Local SEO Guide: Higher Google Rankings in 2018

AS a leading  Local SEO company in New York I’m gonna show you how to get higher Google rankings fast.

In fact, one of my readers recently used the checklist from this article & upped his organic traffic by 88.3%.Organic Local SEO Traffic


In this article, you’re gonna see the checklist that I use for all of my Local SEO clients. You’ll also learn why you might want to delete,

yes delete, half the pages on your website. And a simple trick you can use to improve your Google rankings fast. Keep reading.


A few months ago, I sent out a newsletter to my email subscribers. This email listed out some of my all-time favorite traffic hacks.


Out of the blue, Sean Falconer, a successful business owner, replied to that email. He said, “Dude, I’ve tried all of these techniques before, “and they helped us get more traffic.”


When I looked at Sean’s site, I saw that he was doinga solid job with his content marketing and SEO.

But, I also noticed a few mistakes that were holding him back from Google’s first page. That’s when I sent him this message. A few hours later, Sean got back to me.


After executing the checklist that I’m about to show you, Sean’s organic traffic shot up by nearly 50% in 21 days. And once the checklist had time to kick in, Proven’s traffic increased by a whopping 88.3% three weeks after that.


Let’s dive in to the checklist that Sean used to get higher Google rankings.


Zombie pages provide no helpful content for Local SEO Services

    Your first step is to find and eliminate what I call zombie pages.


I used to think that Google rewarded sites that publish lots and lots of unique content. But I was wrong. Today, I know the truth.


The truth is that Google doesn’t want you to publish content just for the sake of publishing content.


In fact, a Google employee recently stated that they prefer websites that publish fewer high quality pages.

This quality over quantity approach is one of the secrets behind my blog’s and local seo success.


Unlike most blogs, I only publish every four to six weeks. But when I do, I make sure each and every post is awesome, Really beefy and really helpful content but that much work is not needed for local SEO.


Fortunately, Sean only published high quality content on his blog. So, that wasn’t an issue. The problem was his site had lots of zombie pages.


So, what are zombie pages?

Zombie pages are pages on your site that don’t provide any value.

Zombie pages outdated local seo tactics

For example, zombie pages are pages like old and outdated blog posts and press releases, category and tag pages, search results pages, eCommerce product pages that don’t get any sales, thin content pages, and pages with duplicate content.


In theory, a local Business directory website shouldn’t have a ton of pages. After all, Proven is an online job board where job postings come and go.


Despite that, they had nearly 50,000 pages indexed in Google. That’s a lot. As it turned out, Proven didn’t automatically delete

their old job postings. So, these pages stuck around even though the job had been filled years ago. To make matters worse, Google was indexing their search result pages which are classic zombie pages.


So, I recommended that they delete their old job postings and add the no index tag to their search results for better local seo results.


Sean quickly took action. Thanks to these changes, Proven now only has around 4,000 pages indexed. Which is 40,000 less than they had before.


Technical Local SEO Issues

Step number two is to fix any technical SEO issues There are literally hundreds of technical problems that can impact your SEO.


Fixing them is one of the fastest ways to get higher Google rankings. That said, here are some of the most common technical issues that I see during SEO site audits.


How can you find these technical SEO issues on your site? I recommend using the Raven tool Site Auditor or SEMrush’s Site Audit tool.

They’ll crawl your site and let you know bout technical problems that might be hurting your site’s Local SEO.

Technical local seo issues

Fortunately, Proven didn’t have too many technical SEO issues.

That’s mostly due to the fact that we deleted so many zombie pages.  Fewer pages equals fewer problems.

The only problems I could find were some missing ALT text on images and a handful of duplicate titles. Not a big deal but worth fixing. As expected Sean quickly took care of all these technical SEO problems.


Now that we’ve fixed’s technical problems, it was time to optimize their content.


Optimized Content for Local SEO

I probably don’t need to tell you that on-page SEO can make or break your site’s rankings. That’s why I dedicate an entire step of my SEO checklist to on-page SEO.


Because Proven had thousands of pages, I knew I couldn’t optimize every single one. So, Sean sent me his top 10 most important pages.


Optimized Content for local SEONow, some of Sean’s most important pages were blog posts and others were commercial pages that sold his services.


So, let’s look at a quick example of a page that I optimized for Sean. A blog post called Best Questions to Ask References, The Complete List. Sean’s target keyword for this post was questions to ask references.


I added that keyword to the top of the page. Why?

Because Google puts more weight on words that appear in the beginning of your content. It’s important that your keyword shows up there.


I also sprinkled in a few LSI keywords like business tips. LSI keywords are terms that are closely related to your target keyword.

When you include these LSI keywords in your content, you’llget a rankings boost.


In fact, my recent analysis of one million Google search results found that LSI keyword-rich content tended to outrank content that didn’t contain LSI keywords.


So, how can you use LSI keywords to get higher local seo rankings? Well, let’s say you just wrote an article about coffee.


LSI keywords for coffee would be things like mug, caffeine, and Starbucks. So, you want to make sure that you include those terms in your content.


Optimize your title and description tag for SEO

Our fourth step is to optimize your title and description tag for click-through rate.


You probably already know that CTR is a huge ranking factor right now.

Think about it, if people searching for a keyword click on your result more than others, it tells Google that you’re the best result for that keyword and you’ll rank higher in Google.


In fact, a recently published Google research paper states that, “Click-through read data has proven “to be a critical resource for improving “search ranking quality.”

Optimize your title and description tag for local SEO

So, it’s clear that CTR is an important ranking signal. The question is, how can you optimize for it?

Let me walk you through a real life example.


One of Sean’s best blog posts was a huge list of job boards. 

Considering how epic this content was, it should’ve been ranking in the top three.


But, Sean’s page was stuck in the fifth spot. And I had a feeling that the page’s title and description was hurting it’s CTR and rankings.


Here’s what I did to turn things around. First, I looked at the ad words ad that showed up when I searched for best job boards and other related keywords.


I noticed that almost every ad used a specific number. And none of the ads used the term niche talent. So, I changed Sean’s title tag to this and his description tag to this.


These changes boosted that pages organic click-through rate by 64.1% And Sean currently ranks in the top three for his target keyword.


Now that I improved Sean’s click-through rate, it was time to optimize his site around another important ranking factor, dwell time. That’s what step number five is all about.


Increase Dwell Time ( Apposite of ‘Bounce Rate)


So, what is dwell time?

And how can you optimize for it? When someone searches for a keyword and clicks in a result, two things can happen.


They can stay in your site for a long time or they quickly click away.


The amount of time someone spends on your site is known as dwell time.


As you might expect, the longer your dwell time, in general, the higher your page will rank in Google Local SEO.

Here’s what I did to quickly improve Sean’s dwell time.

Increase Dwell Time Decrease Bounce Rate for local seo

First, I moved Sean’s content up so it appeared at the top of the page.  You see, Proven used to have huge gaps that pushed their content

below the fold like this.


So, I cut this gap down by about 50%. Sean’s post also had giant images that pushed their content down even more.


I made these images smaller so they took up less room. Next, I made Sean’s introductions more sticky.


Here’s the deal.

When someone comes to your site from Google, your intro makes them stick around or click away.

In fact, intros are so important that I spend more time on my intros than my headlines.


In Sean’s case, I noticed that his introductions weren’t formatted in a reader-friendly way.


See how all that text is squished together? That’s really hard to read. So I formatted his intro so there was only one sentence per paragraph.


I also cut out a few lines of text that weren’t compelling or interesting.


Overall, these tweaks boosted that page’s dwell time by 12.23%. Not too shabby.


Websites loading speed.


Okay, so our second to last step is to improve your site’s loading speed.


Can making your site faster really improve your Google rankings? Definitely.


In fact, our search engine ranking factor study found that faster loading pages tended to outrank slow pages.

Websites loading speed.

Here’s how to quickly evaluate and improve your site’s loading speed.


First, head over to Google PageSpeed Insights.


Just enter your site into the tool and fix the problems that it tells you about.


Next, check out GTMetrix. Just like Google’s tool, GTMetrix will show you potential issues with your pages code.


But, it also let’s you know about server hosting problems that can slow down your site.


For example, in Sean’s case, his images weren’t compressed. So, they took forever to load. And this single fix made a huge impact on his loading speed.


Now that Sean’s site was optimized, error-free, and fast, i was time for the last step.


Content Skyscraper Technique

Which is to publish a piece of content using the skyscraper technique.


You probably already heard about the skyscraper technique. If you haven’t, here’s the deal.


The skyscraper technique is where you find the best content in your industry and then create something way better.


So, I sent an email to Sean and asked him,

“Have you noticed any content that’s ranking

“in Google, but isn’t even that good?”


He said, “Actually, everything I’ve seen written about job

descriptions is pretty weak.” Sean was right.


SEO Content Skyscraper Technique Most of the content out there about job descriptions were simple lists of links to different examples of job descriptions.


For whatever reason, they all used the same lame stock photos. So, I worked with Sean to create something way better than what was out there. How?


First, instead of a list to links to other pages, we listed each job description on a single page.

Next, Sean added helpful information about each job like the average salary and education requirements.

Finally, he used quality images instead of lame stock photos.

Sean’s post did great.  It got a short-term surge in traffic after it went live.


Today, Sean’s skyscraper content currently ranks in the top five for his target keyword. And thanks to this content and the other techniques from this checklist, Sean’s organic traffic increased by 88.39%.


There you have it, my seven step checklist to improve your Google rankings in local SEO.

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Local business seo 2018

What it takes to do Local Business SEO in 2018

We’re going to break down what it takes to do local business SEO as of right now in 2018.

I just feel like people are really over complicating SEO right now and they’re getting all hung up on all these different things. I just want to break down over the next series of articles not just this one for you of what you need to do to rank right now with local SEO.

Even if you don’t have an SEO optimized business right now but you’re thinking about going into it and doing some sort of marketing or strategy & consulting for local a business then this video is gonna be perfect for you. A great way for you to get started and if you’re already doing it but you just need a little more clarity then this is also gonna help you also,  it’s just gonna be a nice walk through for you.

Starting local business SEO the right way

So everything starts with the website, first off you have to have things right on the website and what I mean by that is you need to have your keywords in the right spots you need to make sure you’re building them italicized, having the right H1 tags H2 tags so on and so forth. Don’t worry if you don’t know what that means at this second. We can get into that this stuff  and it might sound kind of confusing right now if you’re new to this but will definitely help you clarify them with a good understanding of what Local SEO is and how to optimize for it.

First off before we get started a common question I get often is “I have a website designer guy, can you do the SEO for me?” The answer is not so simple but i can assure the answer is most likely a no, if the website hasn’t been built yet.

First off its best to give the job to same person so your website can be built with SEO in mind when its coded and structured. You wouldn’t want to have the SEO optimizer to basically undo and redo what the website builder has already done, it is frustrating and not a officiant way of working. Besides if you have the same person designing your website and doing the seo optimizing then that person would be more appreciative and work harder for you.

When you do it yourself and you actually get going with it you’re gonna find that you can see a lot of results just by doing this stuff, some other on-page factors that you might want to consider.

In order to save time you want to make sure that you have good content in place not duplicate content and you want to make sure that it’s engaging content. At the end of the day that’s what Google is really trying to do, they’re trying to end the search for the consumers so when the consumer comes to your website do they get exactly what they need? do they get exactly what they’re looking for? If You can deliver that to them and you stop their search ultimately, Google is going to reward you by putting you in a higher position. That  most of the times is a lot of the challenge when working with a local business owners so you want to make sure you have a good strategy in place to generate leads but at the same time make sure you’re delivering valuable content.

Some other things you might want to consider with the website that can do a lot are structure and how you store to the website. Meaning are the pages intertwined (Sitemap, Internal Links) together do you have some sort of silo structure going on and again if you don’t know what that means that’s okay we’re going to break that down for you.

Local Business SEO Citations

Next thing we’re going to talk about is having your business information or your clients information on other sites, so we call this citations and that’s the business name, address and phone number. Directory sites like Yelp, Angie’s List, hot frog stuff like that press releases that’s a very good way to get Local Business SEO Citations. So when you take it and pin it inside of an image and then also having that information on the website as well. You want that information whatever it matches here to be on the website as well and that’s going to ensure that Google is seeing all that data and it’s matching together. So if it doesn’t match you’re gonna create confusion so Google is not going to know if you’re the same business and you’re not gonna get credit for all that effort, you want to make sure that they’re consistent in that and they match throughout.

Local Business SEO boosted by Reviews

the next thing I want to talk to you about kind of coincides with this stuff but it’s reviews. When you’re working with a local business owner you want to make sure that they’re able to drive reviews  not only to their Google Places or Google my business,  you want to have reviews coming in not only from there but also from the directory sites like Yelp and stuff like that those are views are going to add more Authority and more social proof and that’s also going to affect your ranking with local SEO in 2018.

Social Media Markers to boost Local SEO in 2018

the next factor I want to talk to you about is social things like your Facebook page, Twitter fan page, YouTube. You want to have all your social pointing to your website and you want to also have that name address phone number on the social stuff as well and it’s even reviews like on your Facebook page. You can drive reviews from there as well, that’s all gonna be some social proof and indicators that Google is looking for, they want to see so when you provide that stuff.

It’s going to also add some more Authority for you.

Link Building

Last but not least, link building (links going to your site). Not saying that you have to focus on things in this specific order that I laid out but usually a good place to start is with the website and then work your way around all of this stuff. if you haven’t noticed, it is basically intertwined.

All this stuff is basically going to depend on one another and that’s why the website was mentioned is so important. Because if you’re sending a link to the website and you have it structured properly with a good silo structure, sending that link to one page on your website is going to affect the entire link building SEO structure.. So this is a ecosystem that works together with each other and this is what I consider the local SEO ecosystem.


When you implement all of these strategies and you do it the right way, consistently you’re going to see awesome results.

You can do a lot of this without even doing any of the work yourself, outsource of a large part of this type of project.  You can outsource a large part of the link building, the citations and some of the setup you can do yourself because it’s just so easy. Importance of all this stuff and how it correlates together

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