Custom Graphic Logo Design Services
Zdezignz is an all-round design company. Our mission is to educate you on what makes the best logo design & make a logo design that best represents your business based on your vision and business implications.

What makes a pro logo design? Well, there are few things to the into factor.

Self Explanatory

Most important factor of a logo design, does the logo convey what you do clearly without a guess? People usually tend to make a mistake of trying to be complex and over complicate the image logo is supposed to get across to your future customers and clients.

White Space

Designs based on study factors: Knowing the knowledge of negative and white space for a logo design is very important. Making a logo that is too cluttered will have a negative impact according to study, give some white space to draw all the attention to a specific part of the logo and make it pop. google uses this trick with, where only the logo and search bar appears on the page.

Type of Logo Designs

There are a few different types of logo designs out there and you will have to pick one style in the end. There are a few different types of logo designs you will have to choose from.

  1. Wordmark logo design: Walmart, Home Depot use this type of logo that requires a unique type of font and that what is sole consists of.
  2. Brand Mark Logo is also referred to as Brand Mark Symbol, it is the type of logo to be very graphic. This is the type of logo you will go with if you need to spice up the brand or if you need an emblem for your product, or simply because your name is too long.
  3. Iconic Logo Design: A Brand Mark with Wordmark mixture is referred to as an Iconic logo. This is the type of logo that gives most personality to your business for what you do. I would suggest a rectangle brand mark logo with Wordmark design tagline for your business right undeath it.                                 
  4. Lettermark logo design: Lettermark Logo design is a lot like wordmark type of logo, except the lettermark logo design uses the initials of a business name to represent the brand.

Scope out to see which Logo design type looks best with the name of your website. Can’t decide on which design type would look best for your business? Contact us, we can give you a quote and sketch of a logo design plan for your business.