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Millions of people monthly search on google to find local businesses and products. Based on a study it is proven that businesses that do not optimize the website for the search engine, loose customers to their competition even if they are located farther.

Search Engine Optimization means a lot of different things depending on what you need it for. Here at Zdezignz, we do a lot of keyword research for customers and have realized that the competitive intensity is way higher for paid SEO business owners because nobody wants to put in the work.

Do you need Local Search engine Optimization or Global for Eccommerce small businesses? Whatever it may be you have come to the right place.

Anchor text

Anchor text is also known as HTML link – Hyperlinks

HTML code hyperlinks the text on a website, essential for directing traffic or looking for targetted traffic. The anchor text usually contains the name of the brand or the main focus keyword you are trying to rank for. Let’s say for ex: i wanted to rank for the keyword “Search Engine Optimization New York” then we would want to write a guest post and link out to your website from it.

It is no longer necessary to know HTML you can easily make a link just by a click of the button, this is how the text format renders it:

<a href=”www.Yourwebsite.com”>Search Engine optimization</a>

In this example, the website visitor would see the term “Search Engine Optimization

New York search engine optimization new york anchor text hyperlink

Knowing how to make a link might not seem like much but it is crucial. How many different types of anchor texts are there?

  • Image ALT Tag SEO optimization
  • NoFollow: Nofollow tag relays to the search engines not to index and follow that link.
  • DoFollow: Dofollow tag is suggesting that the search engine robots index and crawl (Follow) the website.
  • Text Style & Size: with anchor texts you can change the text style and size with no knowledge of css ; )
  • The Secret: Anchor text (Hyperlinks) are basic essentials needed to run the whole internet and keep it all webbed up together.
[boc_side_icon_box title=”Social Media Management” animated=”yes” icon_size=”large” target=”_blank” icon=”icon icon-tools3″]Engage with customers and track performance for a more targetted Social Media Marketing. One of our strategies is to use Social media marketing to boost the websites rank on search engines.

[boc_side_icon_box title=”Email Marketing” animated=”yes” icon_size=”large” has_icon_color=”yes” icon_color=”#f7b316″ icon=”icon icon-hotairballoon”]With our help, email marketing can be the most powerful tool. Don’t lose customers that didn’t proceed to the checkout anymore. We will create a professional email design and show you which customers to target.[/boc_side_icon_box]
[boc_side_icon_box title=”SEO Services” animated=”yes” icon_size=”large” icon=”icon icon-map3″]What is a website any good if nobody can find it? Search Engine Optimization is the keyword, your websites will be search engine friendly, designed and built for success. Our goal is to always rank #1 on Google and all other searches engines.[/boc_side_icon_box]
[boc_side_icon_box title=”Pay Per Click Marketing” animated=”yes” icon_size=”large” target=”_blank” icon=”icon icon-genius”]We can get you the best results from your pay per click marketing. Advertisers pay a fee each time one of their ads is clicked, with our expertise we can void all of the unwanted non-customer clicks.[/boc_side_icon_box]
[boc_side_icon_box title=”Display Ads Campaigns” animated=”yes” icon_size=”large” icon=”icon icon-wine2″]Display advertising is advertising on websites or apps through banners or other ad formats made of text, images, flash, video, and audio. The main purpose of display advertising is to deliver general advertisement and brand messages[/boc_side_icon_box]
[boc_side_icon_box title=”Online Local Bussiness Marketing” animated=”yes” icon_size=”large” icon=”icon icon-anchor3″]For Local busyness Services, it is important to help people reach your website first when somebody searches for “restaurant/food near me” for example or else your competition will beat you to them. We will help you plan and execute a strategy built for success![/boc_side_icon_box]
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