What is off Page SEO?

Off page SEO is basically back linking externally. Since the the recent upgrades Google has made, it is hard to build Off page SEO back links these days. No website owner is really allowed to build links inorganically,  Google considers it as spam and website gets penalized.

Off page SEO optimization consists of different kind of strategies to get some of that link juice. Some of them are nofollow but they still give citation back-link juice on the Moz rank for local businesses. There are many different types of back links, lets get into what they are.

Social Media Profiles:

Having social media accounts will not really give you do-follow back-link juice because its all no-follow external links for most websites. Search on Google and you can surely find many top 50/100 do-follow website directories, you can even find dofollow social media profiles to share a link to your website. The great part about this is that you can post your website link for a back link on social media as much as you want to and not be penalized for it by Google. If you go around posting your website link on private blogs commenting too much, google might just start to look at that link as a spam that is why social media route is very effective and safe.


Maximized Info & Original Images

When you are Making you social media profiles and citations, make sure to always write as much info as you can. Post as much images as you can, statistics show that businesses that post alot of work portfolio pictures tend to rank a lot higher. Address must remain same everywhere (Copy & paste), Write a detailed description even though you going to have to cut it down to 150-240 words most of the times.


Google Citations Most important for Local Off Page SEO

Getting Google Citations Might just be one of the most important role in the off page back-linking project. To check the impact a article makes in the world, google tracks citations as one of its ranking factors. Most Business directories for citations are nofollow but they do make up for it in other aspects of Off Page SEO Strategy for back-linking.


MOZ.com Local Directory

MOZ local directory as taken over ranking metrics of google to a point where google started ranking something called MOZ Rating. MOZ rates your websites citation flow around the world wide web. Moz is so important for local SEO that now when you check for Domain authority, you can see Moz rating aswell.


Vext.com Paid Service (Optional)

Vext Paid service is definitely an optional case because its and expensive service also you can sign up for local directories yourself. But did you know that Google penalizes businesses that have their address and phones number different on every citation when you do off page SEO. You paying professionals to sign you up to 3500+ local directories, that is definitely time effective and tend to make less mistakes because they are trained professionals(One would like to think).

The way it should work is by verifying your Google my business account and make a notepad to write down the address exactly as its written, as matter of a fact just copy and paste it so theirs no human errors in the address. If you have a suite or apt# that will take into effect of penalization.

Search Engine Optimization is there for us to make it easier for Google search engine to find our products and services but when we start to make it harder for the search thats when we start to see trouble and struggle in ranking in the local 3 map pack.



Bright Local is a real time Citation & hard data analytics Local SEO company.

Citation & NAP Reports: Lets say you have hired vext or some individual off of Fiverr, now you will need to check the NAP records to see if they have made mistakes while citing your business. Or if a business has an online presence is piss poor, the owner will have to evaluate why it is not ranking.

Bright Local is also a paid service but that is for people that do this for a living, like myself. You can do a 1 time evaluation of your NAP Records for FREE, businesses that want to check their NAP records don’t have to pay. A 7 day trial with no credit card entry.

Once you get the  report, you would want to copy and paste that record into word pad or use google drive just in case it drags on more than a week.

You simply follow through to each Local Directory and change all in the same way your Google My Business has your information for a proper citation.


Industry Specific Directory Listings

There are more specific niche directories that you can target. for instance if we are talking about SEO, we would want to seek out web design and digital marketing local directories.  Specific directory listings are more important for the local 3 map pack rankings rather than submitting for only general directories.

There is another type of specific directory listing for off page seo back-link building.


City/State/Borough Specific Directory Listing.

Specific directory listing might just be stronger pull for your website if you are trying to reach customers that search local phrases = Local business search intent. There are website that are directories only for businesses in their city or  even narrows it down to specific neighborhood Directory Listings.

When a local directory listing company is linked to your website it give a really powerful back link juice for your website in local terms. Google might see this as a partnership, if your ‘partner’ is a long time business owner then you are gonna benefit from the trust because it took a long time to build.

  • Guest Posting on some one elses blog
  • Web 2.0 Backlinks
  • Blog (Blogspot sub-domain type)
  • Commenting on peoples websites that provide Follow links (Watch the amount, Mass link building is not allowed. Do only High DA for a boost)

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