Hiring a web designer for your business can be a bit tricky. If the Staten Island web designer is not implementing SEO optimization then the website will just be a ghost town. It’s best to be set up for long-term success, analyzing and watch your business grow. We have all of the tools that you need, contact us now for absolutely free evaluation and analysis from the best Staten Island Web Design & SEO Company.


Our aim is to deliver you amazing Designs that is search engine optimized with all the right keywords and in all of the right places.  It is crucial to be organized and experience otherwise easily and most likely to be penalized by Google search engine update algorithm. We especially like to help at new businesses because they don’t have all of the mess for us to clean up. Less damage, smoother for the successful transition of the web design implemented with the correct  SEO keywords.

SEO & Web Design Company Staten Island NY

    Get ranked number 1 for your business Industries search term phrase such as “medical supply near me” “food near me” “Pharmacy near me” “Pediatrician near me”. Basically all of the local search terms.  


Don’t let your competition take your customers. Because if you’re not on Google and ranking then Google will just revert your customers to your competition. Don’t let the competition take food out of your mouth, let us help you be the dominant position in your industry, contact us now.

The process of a Staten island website design Company

  What is the process of web design?

Well, first things first Contact Us and tell us about your project and business. Once we get an understanding of the project you want to put in place, the first thing we will do is go about it with your industry in mind.


Once we have scheduled an appointment we will devise for you a strategic web design and SEO could campaign.  A campaign that leaves your competition in the dust, literally. Get ready to be the main competition in your neighborhood as you grow your ranks on the Titan Google search engine.


The final step will be to let us work. Once we have started you will receive frequent calls or texts about an update on your web design project.  If you would like, you can keep up everything we do step by step with our companies to do list template for every project.

contact us now for free evaluation and SEO audit


Staten Island website design company

The services we provide as a Staten Island website design company


  • Website design Staten Island
  • E-commerce website design
  • Logo branding and Design
  • Search engine optimization SEO
  • Designs for letterheads business cards Flyers brochures menus
  • Rank in multiple locations with one address ( multiple cities)
  • SEO keyword optimize content writing
  • Google’s Local 3 pack  ranking number one above the competition
  • Business submission to 350 local directories citations  Yelp Yellow Pages Manta Etc
  • Medical  website design
  • Restaurant website design
  • Travel agency website design
  • Real estate website design




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Sunnyside web design company in Queens New York |  Sunnyside SEO

Z dezignz is a web design company that services Sunnyside Queens, New York.

We take care of all your web design and local SEO needs.


Are you one of those people that are not ranked on Google and their competition taking all of their customers? take what is yours, there are customers searching for your services. for example “food near me” or as a web design company, we would try to rank for certain voice search engine optimization phrases such as “web designer near me” “web design company near” me to make sure that the people in my area will be able to find me So Google doesn’t send them over to my competition that  located a lot farther.


“there is no use of a beautiful web design if if it does not generate traffic for you.”

If you were to pay Google for pay per click then what Google does as they rank that specific keyword number one number one Indie keep it there as long as nobody outbids you.  but what’s beautiful with Organic SEO traffic is that you can rank for any keyword you would like and it would stay up there for free and generate tons of organic traffic for you 4 tons of keywords that are ranked on Google.


Process of a web design company Sunnyside Queens, New York

Contact us

Schedule a call back. We will need all the information about your small business so we can do research and generate keywords for you to rank for depending on your industry. so contact us and tell us about your ideas and your business goals so we can best identify a strategic plan for your web design project.



We will get back to you with a proposal and break down all of the web design features and everything we do for you. Most importantly we will break down the SEO of the competition show you their strengths and their weaknesses so we can dominate that industry on Google search engine.


We will need to get right to work so we can materialize the vision that you saw


The services we provide as a Sunnyside web design & SEO company

Web Design Services

  • Website design and development
  • Redesign an existing website
  • website management
  • Sunnyside web design
  • logo and branding Services designs 3D logo
  • graphic designing
  • responsive web design



  • Local search engine optimization
  • Local SEO service ( Google 3 map pack)
  • High Authority backlinks
  • submission 350+ of citations for backlinks and Mas flow ranking
  • rank for multiple cities with one physical location
  • voice search optimize websites four terms such as near me
  • Copyrighted SEO content writing
  • social media  signals generated from all the social media such as Facebook Twitter LinkedIn  Etc
  • on page and off page SEO
  • internal and external SEO optimized links




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Long Island Web Design Company| Web Design Long Island

ZDezignz the leading Long Island Web Design Company. Our mission to audit the small business and consult the customer to start driving traffic or simply to increase increase targeted traffic. Paying for ads got expensive late because nobody wants to do the hard work of SEO but we love doing it, we can surely help you out even if we dont end up working together give us a call.

It’s time to start taking your own customers, yes taking your own customers. For instance, if you are looking for ‘web design long island’ and my business is not ranked for that keyword then google diverts that customer to a ranked website designer instead even though that business is located in another city. So if you asked to google “Long Island Web design” if my website did not get ranked and show above other means I didn’t do my job correctly or just needs some more time to rank higher.

Professional Website Design Long Island, NY

In our opinion and expertise, we think no Long Island web design company or anywhere else should put up any content unless it is SEO optimized. Having the most beautiful website means nothing if it does not generate traffic. If the website designer does not have SEO skills then that is the biggest mistake to make if you are looking for a long island web design company.


Also, consider having a great design because you have some traffic on your website? We examined customers that had traffic but web design was outdated. What we found out was that the conversion rate of the traffic spiked up drastically.

Not only do we have the best conversion designs but also the best methods to drive the traffic to the website as well. Request a Quote


Industry based  Long Island Web Design Company Services

Services for website design Long Island NY

  • Logo Design
  • Website Design
  • E-commerce Website Design
  • Medical Web design
  • Fashion Web Design
  • Restaurant Website Design
  • Real Estate Website Design
  • Website Redesign
  • We can design you the best website design based on the industry standards.


Long Island SEO Company Services

The services we provide as a Seo company in Long Island:

  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • local search engine optimization
  • keyword implemented copyrighted content
  • On page and off page SEO
  • Submission to 350 local directories for citation signals

Process of a Web Design Long Island

  1. First things first, shoot us an email requesting a call back appointment or you can just give us a call now! There are many ways we can keep in contact and one of my favorite ones is remote viewing.  Remote view allows person computer to be viewed on someone else’s to have a small meeting or a proposal.
  2. We will do some research on the top 3 competitors of that industry and give you a strategic proposal that will outrank them. (Most people are paying for traffic not much SEO…)  Our job is to rank you number one on the Google local 3 pack.
  3. Allowing us to get to work for you, implementing the plan devised for your small business. With SEO you have endless potential for growth, watch your website grow month by month.

Contact us for a free evaluation.





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